On the Shoulders of Dwarves

--- Eran Aviram ---

**Feburary 2021:** Dwarves! We're prolonging our hiatus until 2022. We hope to be able to return earlier, but things haven't changed in our lives and until the corona epidemic is over it's unlikely we'll be able to go back to any routine. We're interested in doing at least something weekly or semi-weekly, even if not a podcast - if you have any ideas, please send us! To show@dwarfcast.net **September 2020:** Recently, we've been unable to dig into new seams of RPGitium, and forge new episodes. Too occupied were we, with the feeble matters of life: new jobs, maintaining households, having a kid, surviving a global pandemic. This trend is not expected to change in the foreseeable future, and so we put our mountain hold into a magical slumber. Our gates shall remain sealed until 2021, at which point we'll look again upon our lands and re-examine the ritual. Uri, Eran and Aviv

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Feedback (episode 70)

    ### Why are we recording this episode? Isn’t this a roleplaying podcast? Feedback is the way we improve what we do. [Players motivations](https://dwarves.podiant.co/e/365abc29b5e3c2/) ### Feedback in RPGs is hard (3:40) Games are a social activity that one enjoys with their friends. That makes it harder to give constructive feedback as you don't ...


  2. Ending the Campaign (episode 69)

    ### A process, not an event (1:35) > Greetings, oh dwarven dwarfs who dwarf on the shoulders of dwarfish dwarfkin! > Recently, after 20-30 years of a role-playing draught, I started listening to your podcast just for fun. > Thanks to you and your inspiration I started playing last week in TWO different ...


  3. Opposed PC Rolls (episode 68)

    ### Ways to resolve opposed player actions (1:25) In a PVP game, the players may be actually working against each other and fighting or killing other players' characters is a valid option. This is a very different game set than most. We want to talk about instances where PC disagree with ...


  4. Retiring Your Character (episode 67)

    Talk to your GM. ### Why retire your character (3:05) * Because you feel that they have fulfilled their purpose in the narrative * Or because it has fulfilled its purpose in an off play way (I wanted to play a swashbuckler to study the class/explore an idea or theme) now I’m ...


  5. Between the Gaming Sessions (episode 66)

    ### Weekly questions (1:15) [Full explanation of the weekly question](http://www.uptofourplayers.com/2016/03/rp-tool-question-week/), and [examples for its uses](http://www.uptofourplayers.com/2016/03/rp-tool-examples-fro-weekly-questions/). ### Consume genre-related content (6:00) Fill your head with X. ### Fill-in details (7:35) ### Create! (9:05) ### Invest time and effort to enhance your game (12:45) ### Expand on in-game events that you glossed over during the session (17:00) Session time is ...