On the Shoulders of Dwarves

--- Eran Aviram ---

**Feburary 2021:** Dwarves! We're prolonging our hiatus until 2022. We hope to be able to return earlier, but things haven't changed in our lives and until the corona epidemic is over it's unlikely we'll be able to go back to any routine. We're interested in doing at least something weekly or semi-weekly, even if not a podcast - if you have any ideas, please send us! To show@dwarfcast.net **September 2020:** Recently, we've been unable to dig into new seams of RPGitium, and forge new episodes. Too occupied were we, with the feeble matters of life: new jobs, maintaining households, having a kid, surviving a global pandemic. This trend is not expected to change in the foreseeable future, and so we put our mountain hold into a magical slumber. Our gates shall remain sealed until 2021, at which point we'll look again upon our lands and re-examine the ritual. Uri, Eran and Aviv

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Latest Episodes…

  1. GMing Anxiety (Episode 95)

    In this episode we will speak of the phenomenon of “GMing Anxiety”. DIsclaimer: We are not therapists or psychologists. So, what we will do in this episode is present some issues that we encountered and how we dealt with it. Remember: Anxiety is what we feel, not what is actually ...


  2. Fishing From the Classics (Episode 94)

    # What is Fishing? (in the context of RPGs and this episode) Taking the good stuff, form or content, and remixing/remodelling or re-whatever to use in your game. # Why fishing from the classics? They’re the classics for a reason. Now we will go over some of the elements you can fish ...


  3. Interesting Indies (Episode 93)

    A while back we asked our listeners what topics you want us to talk about and **Sivan Kotek** said “can you talk about new non OSR indie games”? Well, Sivan, yes, yes we can. # Kiss Her Before the World Ends (03:23) by **Alice Grizzle** Alice on Itch.io: [https://itch.io/profile/tafkat](https://itch.io/profile/tafkat) On ...


  4. Defining an RPG Hero (Episode 92)

    How do you define a “hero” in your game? In [episode 50 - Who is an adventurer](https://dwarves.podiant.co/e/who-is-an-adventurer-episode-50-36e432309ba698/) we discussed Who is an adventurer, but we didn’t talk about what is a hero. ## The word “hero” have several different definitions * Heroes \- famous individuals * Heroes \- individuals doing the right ...


  5. Guiding Actions (episode 91)

    We have a guest: Di, author of “[The Anatomy of the GM curse](https://gnomestew.com/the-anatomy-of-the-gm-curse)” on the Gnome Stew gaming blog. ## What is a guiding action An action that powerfully affects the game's experience for some or all players. ## What isn’t a guiding action It can be done consciously or ...