On the Shoulders of Dwarves

--- Eran Aviram ---

**Feburary 2021:** Dwarves! We're prolonging our hiatus until 2022. We hope to be able to return earlier, but things haven't changed in our lives and until the corona epidemic is over it's unlikely we'll be able to go back to any routine. We're interested in doing at least something weekly or semi-weekly, even if not a podcast - if you have any ideas, please send us! To [show@dwarfcast.net](mailto:show@dwarfcast.net) **September 2020:** Recently, we've been unable to dig into new seams of RPGitium, and forge new episodes. Too occupied were we, with the feeble matters of life: new jobs, maintaining households, having a kid, surviving a global pandemic. This trend is not expected to change in the foreseeable future, and so we put our mountain hold into a magical slumber. Our gates shall remain sealed until 2021, at which point we'll look again upon our lands and re-examine the ritual. Have fun storming your castles! Uri, Eran and Aviv (We still read and post in our group, [On the Shoulders of Dwarves](http://www.facebook.com/groups/dwarfpodcast))
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Latest Episodes…

  1. From Player to Game Master (episode 60)

    ### Why is this an important issue? (3:10) * Running a game is an experience worth experiencing. * You get the chance to learn new skills that you might not get to as a player (learning new rules, understanding pacing and plot building, improvising) * The more GM there are, the more new ...


  2. Industry Insight: Top Selling RPGs of 2018 (episode 59)

    James Graham, of [Leisure Games](https://leisuregames.com/) fame and and [d100news](https://d100news.com/), tells us of LG's top selling RPGs from 2018. Last time we had James over, we talked about the top selling RPGs of Leisure Games for 2017, on [episode 13](https://dwarves.podiant.co/e/35e72b2e691a26/). ### Top Ten New RPGs (1:50) 1. Scum and Villainy 2. Dungeons & Dragons 5e ...


  3. Better Background (episode 58)

    ### Avishay Zarad > Good afternoon! > It’s hard for me to write a good background for my characters. I tend to fall into the trap of writing an overly complicated background that, in retrospective, isn’t relevant, or doesn’t come into play. When I try to avoid that - I write an ...


  4. Analysis Paralysis (episode 57)

    ### Yossi’s email (2:10) > Dear long-bearded dwarves, > I need you to forge me an advice, please. I have two main problems with the group I'm currently playing in as a player (Tactical D&D 5e group). > 1. Analysis paralysis - My party tends to overthink their actions, meaning before ...


  5. Interview with Drew Hayes (episode 56)

    ### Books by Drew * Spells, Sword & Stealth (1-4) * Super powered (1-4) * Fred, the vampire accountant * Forging Hephaestus * Standalone titles: Pears and Perils * Topher Nightshade vs. The Camp of the Undead Apocalypse * Second-Hand Curses Check out [www.drewhayesnovels.com](http://www.drewhayesnovels.com). And also [Authors and Dragons](https://www.authorsanddragons.com/)! ### Why is Drew here? (2:20) ### Where are you from, ...